Retail POS

POS system with business management system

Manage all business functions in a single system

  • Retail payments and refunds are recorded into built-in accounting system
  • Sales are reflected into store inventory in real-time
  • Customize receipts using Microsoft Word; print them or email them
  • Sell by barcode scanning by choosing an item from a list
  • Accept any combination of payments: cash, card, vouchers, reward points and coupons etc.
  • Accept returns and offer refunds, replacements or store vouchers
  • Suspend and retrieve transactions
  • Access customer sales history
  • Create and manage items and customers
  • Access and manage prices
  • Accurately manage cash drawers
  • Speed up end-of-day processes with the help of the system wizard

Offer modern customer experience

  • Let customers add more products or services at their own pace. Just suspend the transaction at the POS, and then retrieve it later, at any terminal, with just a couple of clicks
  • You can use any device; therefore, close sales and offer one-to-one service anywhere on the shop floor; use mobile devices
  • Access customers’ sales history to offer more personalized service
  • Accept any combination of payments: cash, card, vouchers, reward points and coupons etc.

Do you sell services? Manage sales and appointments right here

No matter if you run a beauty salon managing multiple appointments per day, or if you are a retailer organizing workshops and in-store events: with this system you can manage all your services, and more, in one system. You can see the appointments on your Office calendar at the Point of Sale, and invoice them. And if the customer wants to add more items (products or services) to the payment, that’s easily done, too.

Are you taking online bookings? That’s great! The system enables you to add a “Book now” button to your website or Facebook page: the appointments will be registered on your calendar, and you will be able to see them and invoice them at the POS.

Supported functions for payments

  • Purchase
  • Refund
  • Void
  • Get last transaction
  • Get last raw transaction
  • Cancel
  • Send batch
  • Start session
  • End session
  • Security: Out of scope for PCI DSS related vulnerabilities
  • Runs securely on Windows and Android based devices
  • Supported PSPs: Ayden, Global payments, Payworks, Moneris, Verifone

LS Express and LS Pay

We have partnered with LS Retail. We are authorized reseller of their popular products LS Express and LS Pay.

LS Express offers various functionalities a retail store may need to manage day to day operations.

LS Pay enables a store to deliver better payment experience to the customers. LS Payment is in total compliance with global payment standards such as PCI and EMV

Business Management System

Business management system is powered by popular Dynamics 365 Business Central which runs on secure Microsoft Azure cloud. It is a powerful small business ERP system that let's you manage your business operations such as inventory, warehousing, finance, accounting and operations etc.

No matter what size of business you are running, we are ready to help you and take your business to the next level. Take advantage of cloud computing and gain competitive advantage.

Affordable prices for Small and Medium businesses (SMBs)

If you are worried about paying too much, then look no further because our solution is designed for SMB budget. However, there is no compromise made when it comes to product security, features and offerings. You can purchase licenses on monthly basis with no commitment. You can combine full user licenses with light user licenses. 

A full user license is less than $100 per user per month; while light user license is less than $20 per user per month.

Mostly you may be able to keep your existing devices. Therefore, you are saving on hardware cost. However, if you are looking for upgrade, then we have wide range of cloud enabled, secure and modern devices ready to deliver a better customer experience.

There is a wide range of training and learning resources are available so that you can train yourself and manage your system as per your requirements. However, we recommend that you may hire us for an initial setup to ensure that basic configuration of the system is as per the guidelines. Depending on your requirements and budget, we have various on-boarding packages with support up to 15 hours are available starting from $5000.